BRIEF: Branding a cause
1. Choose a prominent brand and partner with a social/environmental cause, charity or campaign and determine what the association of the two can provide. 
2. Realise this in the form of a single marketing messaging campaign across five different media platforms. 
3. Design, develop and produce finished artwork for each platform. Present campaign marketing strategy and final material as a team.
Doctors Without Borders is the world's leading medical humanitarian aid organisation helping people in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics. Tesla is a global renowned corporate vehicle and energy company . My group and I produced a campaign with designated job roles to create awareness and provide a solution for a cause of suffering/people in need. For this reason, we decided that Tesla’s cybertrucks would provide emergency medical care and deliver it to people in a crisis. The cybertrucks are fully electric(which reduce Co2 emissions) and is compatible with an ATV electric quad bike which can be used for emergencies. This would showcase the advanced and increased usability of Tesla Vehicles whilst bringing attention to the importance of the charity helping and building up the communities. 
These medical cyber trucks would be more prominent in third world countries where emergency services are limited and not as advanced. In addition to this the cyber trucks can carry a load of medical supplies to be transported and distributed as it has 100 cubic feet of exterior lockable storage. To advertise the campaign, five pieces of artwork was made on digital and print platforms to reach target audiences of all communities so it was more accessible.
To create the artwork for the campaigns, my group and I discussed which material would be appropriate for advertising and then according to our strengths decided accordingly job roles. My role in the group was to produce the marketing material for the campaign which consisted of knowledge regarding typography, colour, and the target audience. Instead of designing a standard digital and traditional poster, I created one with augmented reality technology. The technology is more interactive which would provide a meaningful connection to the mass target demographic that has access to a smart phone to view the cybertruck more realistically. As a result, it would create memorability for those that are in need to identify help and also using the map to see which areas are catered for.
Tesla is a premium vehicle manufacturer brand advancing rapidly in the automotive sector. To showcase this class, I gave the marketing material a  modern and fresh feel to match the sophisticated aesthetics of the as Tesla brand. This would also suggest from Tesla’s known name of being grand in its use of innovative technology that they provide a reliable source to give out help for people in need. I used white space as it would not be appropriate or appealing to the eye for the information and infographics to be placed tightly together. The whole purpose of the marketing materials is to bring awareness of the campaign legibly whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.