CLIENT: Urban community projects
The Urban Community Project is a charity food bank situated in the heart of Kings Cross, London United Kingdom. It was established in 2013, providing food to low income people in need. In addition to this, they provide services such as ‘Employment Training’ , financial and benefit direction and other youth programs such as ‘Cheer & Tumbling, One Mic One Life, Coach 2 Sucess'. 
In this current climate of a global pandemic (COVID-19), many people have lost their jobs therefore not being able to feed their families as they have no to little income. As a result the Urban Community Project are in existence to help those with financial struggle. The organisations strives to support and build stronger communities by ‘campaigning for change’ through encompassing principles of ‘Co-design, Delivery, Empowerment and Support'.
Kx2 is a mobile food scheme application that is affiliated with the Urban Community Projects food bank charity. The food scheme are also in the process of developing a new food app that will allow local people to receive free food for collection or delivery via the internet. This is a positive asset added to the food bank itself as it is normalising and taking away the stigma of embarrassment when vulnerable in need. Furthermore it gives the user control of what they would like to pick to eat, an option of choice service has been introduced.

Design a Brand Identity for the new Kx2 Mobile Food Bank App
I was given the role of branding with free creative control of implementing the brand.  Regular contact was maintained regular through weekly zoom calls with the client to receive constructive feedback on the developing designs based on the prescribed needs. The app will require a new logo that will blueprint the trademark showcasing the personality, ethos, look and feel. The logo is constructed out of soft rectangular shapes that are in a sans-serif style. It is rounded, relaxed, bold and clean with a modern look breaking up the letters. It is appropriate as it serves the purpose of being visually exciting and appealing for the target demographic as expressed by the business owner they are not an ordinary food charity.
To compliment my designed letters, I incorporated a similar sans-serif typeface for the number ‘2’ to showcase consistency in the branding. Uplifting colours such as orange and green were used in the logo as the end user (someone in need of food) requires the feel factor of positive emotions when reading up or attending the foodbank. Green is relative to growth, the colour of spring, of renewal and rebirth. Orange has connotations of evoking feelings that are bright, happy and joyful. The circle is symbolic of unity, community and life which is an imperative part of the brand mission and purpose.

Logo Design Board.

Primary Logo.

Alternative Logo.

Primary Logo with Tagline.

Keyrings, used to give out to people to increase extra awareness of the brand.
Keyrings, used to give out to people to increase extra awareness of the brand.

Staff Id badges to display their identity.

Pens to give out to people with the memorable logo for increased marketing benefits.

Stickers to give out to place on food bags, packaging which is cost effective whilst still visually showing the brand

Mugs for staff working in the office and for the people that come in to get help as they may sit down formally and speak e.g benefits advice.

Covid-19 Social Distancing masks for the current pandemic 2020/2021