PC Wilson& Associates LTD is a accounting and law company providing legal services for mature clients in need of legal support. 
Design a Brand Identity accompanied with a company letterhead and business cards.
Typography:  I used a serif typeface as  I felt it was most appropriate for the nature of the brand, providing security, authority and respect. Moreover, the font is not disturbing to the eye enhancing readability for those that may have difficulties.
Colour: The client requested gold, black and white for the colour scheme as they are luxurious hues and would reflect meaningful characteristics of success, triumph and simplicity.. These colours gave the brand a premium look and complimented each other well on black or white backgrounds and the marketing materials. 
Shapes: I used vertical lines shapes in the logo as it visually demonstrates commitment strength and goals. I formed a triangle out of the vertical lines as the shape is symbolic of power and stability. Hence establishing an array of trust between the brand and end user. 

Envelope and Letterhead Branding.

Business Cards